The Hluhluwe iMfolozi game park is amazing.  It’s one of the oldest game parks in South Africa, covers 96 000 hectares, and has the largest popluation of white rhino in the world.  We stayed at the Hilltop camp, a fenced off area for people inside the park.  The gates open at 5am and close at 7pm, and you have to be back inside.  The roads are good, and you are not permitted to get out of your car. (In case you get eaten by a lion or trampled by an elephant.)

Dawn.Hluhluwe blog-1

Hluhluwe blog-2

Hluhluwe blog-3

Hluhluwe blog-4

Hluhluwe blog-5

Hluhluwe blog-6

Hluhluwe blog-7

Hluhluwe blog-8

Hluhluwe blog-9

Hluhluwe blog-10

Hluhluwe blog-11

Hluhluwe blog-12

Hluhluwe blog-13

Hluhluwe blog-14

Hluhluwe blog-15

Hluhluwe blog-16

Hluhluwe blog-17

Hluhluwe blog-18

Hluhluwe blog-19

Hluhluwe blog-20

Hluhluwe blog-21

Hluhluwe blog-25

Hluhluwe blog-26

Hluhluwe blog-22

Hluhluwe blog-23

Hluhluwe blog-24

Hluhluwe blog-27

Hluhluwe blog-28

Hluhluwe blog-29

Hluhluwe blog-30

Hluhluwe blog-31

Hluhluwe blog-32

Hluhluwe blog-33

Hluhluwe blog-34

Hluhluwe blog-35

Hluhluwe blog-36

Hluhluwe blog-37

Hluhluwe blog-38

Hluhluwe blog-39

Hluhluwe blog-40

Hluhluwe blog-41

Hluhluwe blog-42

Hluhluwe blog-43

Hluhluwe blog-44

Hluhluwe blog-45

Hluhluwe blog-46

Hluhluwe blog-47

Hluhluwe blog-48

Hluhluwe blog-49

Hluhluwe blog-50

Hluhluwe blog-51

Hluhluwe blog-52

Hluhluwe blog-53

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