Hayley & Brent – Married in Port Douglas!

On the day of Hayley and Brent’s Port Douglas wedding, a triathalon was on and the roads were all closed.Adams blog-1

This didn’t bother anyone in the beautiful house on Wharf St overlooking the Coral Sea.storyboard003

Adams blog-7

When I arrived Hayley and Wedding Planner Zoe Day were looking down at the park where the ceremony was to be held and discussing how the rain would go away by 4pm.Adams blog-2


Adams blog-5

Wedding preparations were in full swing, and of course always require champagne.storyboard005


Hayley was completely relaxed and very calm.Adams blog-15

Jammy Lee did an amazing job with all the girls’ make up.storyboard007

Adams blog-18

The dress was amazing!Adams blog-17


Adams blog-37

Meanwhile, over at Club Trop, the boys were getting ready.Adams blog-39

Adams blog-40

Adams blog-41


Adams blog-48

Sydney boys trying to stay cool under the fan.Adams blog-45

Adams blog-46

Adams blog-47

Back with the girls the last minute touches…Adams blog-51

and beautiful Hayley is ready for her dress.Adams blog-49


Adams blog-57

Adams blog-58

When her Dad saw her he burst into tearsAdams blog-60

which were quite infectious.storyboard014




Adams blog-74

Then she was ready to be married.Adams blog-77

Adams blog-78

The flowers by Blush Floral were not only beautiful but they smelt divine.Adams blog-82



Adams blog-85

Down in the park was one very happy guy.Adams blog-88

Adams blog-86

Adams blog-89




Adams blog-101

Adams blog-102

Adams blog-103

When they saw each other it was as though no-one else was there for a minute.Adams blog-104

The ceremony by Sarah Woods was beautiful.Adams blog-106

Adams blog-108


Adams blog-113

Adams blog-114



Adams blog-121


Watch as Brent’s smile becomes the biggest in the world.Adams blog-124

Adams blog-125

Adams blog-127

Adams blog-129

Adams blog-131

Adams blog-133



Adams blog-148

After champagne we spent a little while in the park

Adams blog-151

Adams blog-152

Adams blog-154

The bridal party were great fun!!Adams blog-155

Adams blog-156

Then back up to Wharf St…Adams blog-162

Adams blog-163

Adams blog-165

Adams blog-168

Before heading out to the fabulous Flames of the Forest for a fantastic reception.Adams blog-174


Adams blog-201


Adams blog-206

Adams blog-219

Adams blog-231

Adams blog-235

What a great fun night!  Congratulations Hayley & Brent – your wedding was amazing!!

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