A day in the life of Peter & Hayley.

    Randles blog-61 copyPeter and the guys were getting ready at a house right near Four Mile Beach.

Randles blog-2


storyboard003There’s lots of important things going on during wedding day preparations.  I often come across grooms who have no idea how to tie a tie, but Peter was quite happily pre knotting all the ties.

storyboard005A quick conference on whether or not the shirt needs ironing.  Nope.

Randles blog-7Writing out cards, or speeches.

Randles blog-8

Randles blog-9

Randles blog-11And of course seeing who can do the biggest bomb.



storyboard008Or hold their breath the longest.

storyboard009Meanwhile, out of town…

Randles blog-23

Randles blog-24

Randles blog-26Hayley and her bridesmaids were made-up, hair done and ready to get dressed.

Randles blog-27

Randles blog-29


Randles blog-28

Randles blog-33The dress was admired for a while


Randles blog-38


Randles blog-43

Randles blog-44

Randles blog-46And then she was ready.  And absolutely beautiful.


Randles blog-52

Randles blog-55Back in Port Douglas, behind the Sugar Wharf

Randles blog-62is St Mary’s by the Sea,

Randles blog-59where Peter and the boys were dried, dressed and ready.

Randles blog-63

Randles blog-64Being around a bride is a bit like being around a celebrity.  Everyone stops and stares and waves and cheers.  It’s really lovely.  These ladies were passing by the church and had to wait to watch Hayley get out of the car.


Randles blog-65

Randles blog-68


Randles blog-72

Randles blog-73

Randles blog-74

Randles blog-75

Randles blog-77It was a beautiful ceremony, and Hayley was so cute so she said “I do” before she was even asked the question,



Randles blog-85

Randles blog-86

Randles blog-87

Randles blog-88

Randles blog-89Peter and Hayley are definitely easy to photograph and of course a veil and a light breeze is a photographer’s dream.

Randles blog-95

Randles blog-96

Randles blog-97


Randles blog-100

Randles blog-101

Randles blog-102

Randles blog-103

Randles blog-104

Randles blog-105

Randles blog-106

Randles blog-107The reception was at the Port Douglas Combinds Club – or The Tin Shed, and what a great venue.

Randles blog-130It’s on the inlet, right next to the boat ramp.

Randles blog-129And it was a perfect party on another perfect Port Douglas day.








Randles blog-137


storyboard032Randles blog-138


Randles blog-145

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