A very beautiful story of arranged love.

This is a very special blog post, of a very special engagement shoot.

Before I met Jagi & Aman in September for the portrait session, I asked Jagi to tell me a bit about herself and her fiance, and this is what she said,

“We met one another in the beginning of August, got to know a little bit about one another and both agreed on marriage.  We knew about one another for about a week, and it was pretty much kick off for our new journey, we were very happy with our parents’ and famlies’ choices, as well as with one another.  Have a lot of similarities amongst ourselves, and have become very much in love!!

The photoshoot will be the second time we will meet one another in person…

J&A blog-2

J&A blog-5

J&A blog-7…We are both Punjabi Indians, however he is born in New Zealand and I am born in Australia.  Both the first child to be married in both families.”

I knew it was going to be a great shoot.


J&A blog-10I picked up Jagi from her apartment in Cairns, then we stopped to pick up Aman from the hotel.  They were so gorgeous and easy with each other.

We wandered around while I took photos.  It was very relaxed, and a lovely quiet time for them.




J&A blog-14

J&A blog-21

J&A blog-24


J&A blog-25

J&A blog-28


J&A blog-31


J&A blog-37

J&A blog-41


J&A blog-43

J&A blog-45

J&A blog-46

J&A blog-47

J&A blog-49



J&A blog-58

J&A blog-62

storyboard011 J&A blog-64Then we were off to the engagement party!

storyboard012160 people in the ball room of Shangri-La, Cairns.


storyboard014What a great party.  I felt like I was back in India, which is an amazing place.  If you’ve been there, you know.


storyboard016HIndi music, colourful saris and lots of people.

J&A blog-76

storyboard017Jagi and Aman sat on the stage and the engagement party had the Kurmai & Chunni ceremonies

J&A blog-100






J&A blog-113

J&A blog-114

J&A blog-115…then lots of dancing.




storyboard027Congratulations on your engagement Jagi and Aman, and I have no doubt you will have a very happy life together.

J&A blog-139For more photography click here to see my websitefull blog, or  FaceBook

One thought on “A very beautiful story of arranged love.

  1. Love this one. Such a colourful event. A plus for the families that you have a ‘feel’ for India.

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