A Port Douglas proposal. Michael and Kerri are engaged!

Michael contacted me a few days before he and Kerri came to Port Douglas for a holiday.  He was going to propose to her on the first afternoon.  We chatted back and forth by text to arrange everything without Kerri knowing what was going on.  He told us later that she’d almost seen the ring twice.

I waited on the beach, pretending to be taking photos of shells and things.  We’d worked out a cue so I would know exactly when to point my lens at them.  (Besides from Michael going down on one knee, which as he pointed out would probably be pretty obvious).


M&K blog-3



It was a beautiful moment.  Afterwards we spent a little time for some engagement portraits.
M&K blog-9

M&K blog-10

M&K blog-11

M&K blog-13

M&K blog-15

M&K blog-16


M&K blog-19

M&K blog-21

M&K blog-22

M&K blog-23

The sun had just left the beach and the evening twilight was perfect.M&K blog-25


M&K blog-28

M&K blog-29

M&K blog-30

M&K blog-31

M&K blog-32

M&K blog-33

M&K blog-34

M&K blog-35

M&K blog-37

M&K blog-38


M&K blog-42Afterwards they walked back up the path to the restaurant at Thala Beach Lodge, where Michael had booked a table for dinner for him and his fiancé.

Congratulations again Kerri and Michael.

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