Beautiful, natural Clare & Steven – Married in Port Douglas.

As a photographer I’m here to tell stories.  This particular story is of two very special people I met briefly and spent a wonderful day with.

 Clare and Steven were getting married, in Port Douglas at a little church called St Mary’s by the Sea.
 As a photographer you’re allowed access into lives which most people don’t get.  What I saw was two people very much in love, and very dedicated to each other and their daughter.


Lewry blog-6

Clare is naturally beautiful and photogenic.   And happy.storyboard003

Lewry blog-4


Steve had nothing but love in his eyesstoryboard004

Lewry blog-12

Lewry blog-13

Lewry blog-14

Lewry blog-19


Lewry blog-17

The ceremony included the family of three…Lewry blog-18

Lewry blog-20…although one lost interest after a while…

Lewry blog-29

Lewry blog-31


After rings were exchanged, a necklace and kisses were givenLewry blog-35

and more kisses.Lewry blog-36

Lewry blog-37

Lewry blog-38

Then a wander through the parkLewry blog-42

Lewry blog-43

Lewry blog-44

Lewry blog-45


Lewry blog-53

Lewry blog-55

Lewry blog-54

with a very fun wedding party willing to try a new idea which sort of worked (but isn’t in this blog). Hey, it was fun anyway.Lewry blog-62

Lewry blog-63

A very happy groomsman on his release to go to the pub.Lewry blog-65

Which just left two…Lewry blog-69

Lewry blog-70

Lewry blog-72

Lewry blog-76

Lewry blog-79

Lewry blog-83

Lewry blog-84


Lewry blog-88

Lewry blog-92

Lewry blog-93

Lewry blog-94




Clare and Steve, I’m so happy to have met and photographed you.  What a beautiful wedding.

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